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Repair glue BGA skills

Repair glue BGA skills


For repair motherboard glue, the glue is not difficult than the motherboard repair will increase, please pay

attention to the following aspects:


1. before the repair can be heated using a hot-air gun, coupled with the forceps gently scraped some

BGA edge angle on the colloid, be careful not to scratch the PCB and remove part of the side angle of

the colloid, the next step demolition of BGA will be helpful to.

2. pay attention to the adjustment of the heating temperature curve. Proposal to create a temperature

measurement board to adjust the temperature, if not, find a similar scrap board generation can be measured

to ensure measured parameters meet the welding specifications, such as lead-free motherboards maximum

temperature values are generally in 235 C--245 C, reflux time in the 40s - 90s (part of the motherboard with

special specifications except), this step is very important, if temperature is too low, in the demolition of the

BGA pulling prone to welding disc shedding leads to scrap motherboard; if the temperature is too high,

easy to burn the BGA and motherboard, etc., please pay more attention to.


3.In place before heating with a rubber wiping point of solder paste, high temperature adhesive tape or foil

for the protection of the surrounding with glue chip. Because of the BGA lower shrub with the viscosity of

the adhesive, after the heat of molten tin, BGA rework equipment cannot automatically remove BGA, need

tweezers to assist, the temperature in the second step to ensure that the, the basic can determine the melting

of the ball, with forceps gently stir BGA, BGA to overall loosening and then take the next.


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