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Some suggestions for BGA

Some suggestions for BGA


The following tips, for reference only.


1.Remove the IC, cleaning up residual tin, tin wire (with rosin) tin tin to both flat and drag disc replacement

into the low temperature.


2.To the corresponding plate on the plate, according to the above method to repeat the operation once!


3.If back welding equipment to put it back to the IC, the operation is more simple! But if by hand to hold

back, please first on board pad heating. To be welded plate tin brighten, put on IC and aligned with the

corresponding position. (tweezers available for positioning or put the IC) by air Gunners with inclined

wind welding way to hold back to the IC (oblique blow welding operation to be have the opportunity

to further promote, with 'oblique blow welding' in the Baidu search to see)


4.If the manual welding blow back to the IC, judge between the IC and the board of solder ball is perfect

welded, with hard, sharp points of the needle, gently from IC edge props, the itinerary can only be is

0.1~0.2MM. If you can bounce back quickly from, that solder ball can weld well!


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