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Step of universal planting bead table for BGA heavy ball

Step of universal planting bead table for BGA heavy ball


Prepare tools: Universal planting bead stage, solder, solder paste, cleaning agent, flux, ceiling tin line,

oil painting brush, hexagon board hand, electric iron, cloth etc.


1, detinning

BGA is coated on a small amount of flux, with constant temperature soldering iron absorb solder ball,

and then temperature Luo iron heating suction line tin, tin absorption line to remove residual tin BGA pad.

(Note: the soldering temperature at 260 degrees to 300 degrees)


2, cleaning

Will be in addition to the end of the BGA chip with clean cloth dipped in clean detergent to wipe clean.

(Note: BGA flux on chemical reaction will occur and produce a qualitative change, influence of parts welding)


3, step by step:

1, the BGA chip on the plant on the table, with the six angle of the board in accordance with the size of the

BGA to adjust the fixed seat, so that the BGA chip can be placed in a flat on the.

2, using the brush will help paste evenly coated on the BGA surface.

3, according to the different BGA chip select suitable reballing steel mesh and solder balls and steel net

fixed in planting beads and die, adjust steel mesh and chip tin point enable completely coincident)

4, pour into the solder ball planting Taiwan shaking the steel mesh, the corresponding solder fill

5, the excess solder ball seat from pouring

6, gently press the handle, pay attention to the ball

7, take the plant bead table top die

8, check whether there is a ball or hold the ball. If there is corrected or off with forceps

9, the ball BGA OK with a hot gun for a uniform increase.


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