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Ten advantages of BGA packaging

Ten advantages of BGA packaging


1, BGA package external elements rarely, in addition to the chip itself, some interconnection, very thin

substrate, and plastic cover, what other. No large pin, no lead frame. The entire chip on the PCB height

can be done 1.2 mm.

2, the signal from the chip, after connecting the line matrix, and then to your PCB, and then through the

power / ground pin to return to form a total loop. Small peripheral, small size means that the entire loop

is small. In the condition of the number of pins, the size of the BGA package is typically QFP or 1/2 SOIC

to 1/3. The small loop means small radiation noise, and the crosstalk between the pins is small.

3, it can be very efficient design of the power and the distribution of the ground. The ground bounce effect

is also due to the decrease in the number of power and ground pins.


4, the majority of the BGA package solder plate are relatively large, easy to operate, compared to the way

of the great majority of the packaging of the inverted. In comparison, the inverted wafer packaging

technology requires that the pad is placed directly on the silicon wafer and the pad needs a smaller size,

which may lead to some problems and trouble. Flip chip technology is to a certain extent is not visible to

the mysterious, in fact, is the name falls short of the reality. I hope to be able to solve it through the BGA.

5, the BGA package is very reliable, with the QFP spacing of the 20MIL compared to the BGA no bending

and breaking of the pin. It's as solid as a brick.

6, BGA package can put a lot of power and ground pins in the middle, I/O port of the lead on the periphery.

This is just a way to pre routing on the BGA substrate to avoid the I/O port of the line to go.

7, advanced BGA packaging, all the pins are placed in the chip, not more than the chip package, which is very



8, pin at the bottom looks very cool and neat.

9, no need for more advanced PCB process. It is not like the C4 and the direct way to package the way that

need to consider the chip and the PCB size of the matching heat transmission efficiency to prevent damage

to the silicon chip. The BGA package has sufficient mechanism to ensure the thermal pressure on the silicon

wafer. No match and difficulty.

10, a very small package itself, has a good thermal properties. In the case of silicon wafer, most of the heat can

be spread down to the BGA ball array if the silicon wafer is stuck on the bottom surface, then the back of the

wafer is connected to the top of the package, which is a reasonable cooling method.


BGA packaged



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