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The principle and method of BGA rework station

The principle and method of BGA rework station


1.Production of outer line bga:


Before the customer information is processed, the BGA specification, the size of the customer design, the

size of the array, the size of the hole, the size of the hole to the PCB pad, copper thickness is required to

be 1~1.5, in addition to the 2mil, the rest of the customers in the production process, the use of BGA,

31.5mil, BGA, 2.5mil, BGA, 8.5mil, BGA, and the rest:


Can refer to the BGA specification, design welding plate size corresponding to the customer's design

BGA location to do a standard BGA array, and then to its benchmark will be corrected BGA and BGA under

the hole is a shot, after the film to shoot with the original level contrast before and after the shoot is the

effect, if the deviation is large, then can not be used, only to shoot BGA.


2.BGA resistance welding


BGA surface mount solder window: the same as the value of the resistance welding optimization value of

its single window range is 1.25~3mil, the resistance welding distance (or over the hole welding) spacing is

greater than or equal to 1.5mi


Jack BGA template layer and layer of plate


Manufacture 2mm layer: the line layer BGA pad copy layer to another layer of 2mm and the range of 2mm

Square body, 2mm not blank, gap (such as customer requirements to BGA character frame jack,

BGA character in a box for 2mm do the same), do a good job of 2mm entity to layer BGA character

character frame compare, both from the larger is 2mm layer.


Jack layer (JOB.bga): to hole layer touch 2mm layer (with panel to choose actions, reference selection

function reference 2mm layer), the parameter mode to elect touch, BGA 2mm range of domestic demand

to plug the hole copy to Jack layer, and named for: JOB.bga (note, such as customer requirements of

BGA test test hole without plug hole processing, will test hole selected, BGA test hole features: full window

or single window on both sides of the resistance welding)


Copy the layer into another layer of plate hole


According to the BGA file to adjust the aperture and hole hole layer plate layer aperture.


3.BGA corresponding to the hole layer, character layer processing:


Jack needs to place, both sides without hole blocking layer block;


Character layer relative plug hole vias allowed into the white oil


After the completion of the above steps, BGA cam sheet making is complete, this is just the BGA cam veneer

production, in fact, as a result of the rapid changes of electronic information products, the fierce competition

in the PCB industry, a plug hole BGA production rules is often in the replacement, and constantly have new

breakthrough. Each of these breakthroughs, so that the product has a higher level, more adapted to the

requirements of market changes. We look forward to more advantages about BGA technology or other

baked jack.



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