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The use of BGA welding machine

The use of BGA welding machine


When using the BGA soldering station, please note the following:
1, the machine surfaces should be cleaned regularly, especially to keep the infrared heating plate surface

clean and prevent dirt from accumulating on top of normal heat

The amount of radiation, leading to poor weld quality, and significantly shorten the life of the infrared

heating element.

2, do not use a fan or other equipment while working on the repair station hair, otherwise it will lead to

abnormal temperature rise heater, burn the workpiece.

3, boot, high temperature heating zone can not be in direct contact with any object, otherwise it may

cause a burning object to be processed should be placed on the PCB

PCB board support frame.
4, Open the hot air rework station power switch, you should first check whether there are upper and lower

hot air nozzle cold wind blowing, the wind and the absence of prohibited start

Heating, or it may burn heater.
5, untrained operators are not free to change parameters for each setting.

6, rework different bga, can set the temperature curve of different segments, each segment generally can

not exceed the maximum temperature setting 300 ℃; lead-free return

BGA solder balls can be set according to a welding temperature profile reference repair.

7, former BGA installation, you must check the PCB pads by piece and BGA solder balls is good; after chip

BGA soldering required by visual inspection, such as hair

Now abnormal, should stop the installation BGA and the detected temperature, it can be carried out after

welding to be adjusted properly, otherwise it may damage the BGA or PCB board.

8, when work is prohibited to touch the high temperature heating area, otherwise easy to burn.

9, at work, do not use flammable spray near the repair station, liquefied or gas.

10, Do not remove the power box panel or cover electrical box has high voltage parts may cause electric shock.

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