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Three temperature area touch screen BGA rework station

Three temperature area touch screen BGA rework station


Main performance and features


1. embedded industrial computer, high definition touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control, and

has the function of instant curve analysis, real time display set and measured temperature curve, and can

analyze and correct the curve.

2. high precision K type thermocouple close loop control and temperature automatic compensation system,

combined with PLC and temperature module to achieve the temperature of the accurate control,

temperature deviation in + 2.

3. PCB plate positioning using V type slot, positioning fast, convenient, accurate, meet the different PCB

board layout and different size PCB plate positioning.

4. Convenient and flexible can be mobile universal fixture on the PCB to protect, prevent deformation of the

PCB edge device damage and PCB, and can adapt to a variety of BGA package size of repair.


5. equipped with a variety of specifications of the alloy air nozzle, the mouth can be 360 degrees of arbitrary

rotation positioning, easy to install and replace.

6. independent heating of the three temperature zones, the three temperature zones can simultaneously

carry out the multi - section temperature control, and ensure that the optimum welding effect is achieved

at the same time. Heating temperature, time, slope, cooling and vacuum can be accomplished in the

man-machine interface.

7. the upper and lower temperature can be set to set the 6~8 temperature control, can be mass storage

temperature curve, at any time can be called according to different BGA, the touch screen can also be a

curve analysis, setting and correction; three heating zones using independent PID algorithm to control

the heating process, the heating temperature is more uniform, more accurate temperature.

8. the use of a large power cross flow fan to cool the PCB plate quickly to prevent the deformation of PCB

board, while the built-in vacuum pump, external vacuum suction pen, to facilitate quick access to take

BGA chip.

9. configure voice "early warning" function. In the disassembly and welding of 5-10 seconds to voice

caution the operating personnel relevant preparatory. After the upper and lower air heating, the cooling

system starts, the temperature drops to the ambient temperature automatically stop cooling. To ensure

that the machine will not heat up after aging!

10. through CE certification, with emergency stop switch and automatic power failure protection device.



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