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Using the skills of BGA rework station

Using the skills of BGA rework station


The use of BGA rework station how to set the appropriate temperature? This must be many just used

reworkstation friends want to know? It is actually very simple. You should know the melting point of

lead and lead-free solder paste is 183 degrees, is 217 degrees. That is to say when it reaches 183

degrees, there is the lead paste will begin to melt, but also higher than the melting point of the actual

solder paste. When using BGA rework station, take now the mainstream type hot air rework station

for example, because the principle rely on air convection, the temperature is uniform, welding time,

for there is a BGA body block, to the actual the temperature should be at the ball around 30-40

degrees than the hot air outlet, that is to say, when lead BGA, no matter how we go step temperature,

the maximum temperature of 220 degrees in the first can start heating, then the key is in the

temperature rise to 200 when we begin to observe the melting the degree of the ball from the side


In Northbridge, touch (also can use tweezers to BGA tin melt completely, BGA is sliding), tin melting

will down collapse, this time to see the instrument or touch screen display of temperature and time,

in the melt at the time of the temperature to make the time to extend the 10-20 seconds, is a very

ideal temperature. Give an example: as in a piece of lead time, we see tin is reached 225 take 15

seconds when the start of the, then only need to turn the temperature curve of the last section

located in a 225 degree temperature 35 seconds. Lead is the same way.


As for constant temperature time how to set can refer to manufacturer of temperature curve parameters.

Generally the whole process of lead welding control early 210 seconds, lead-free control in about 280

seconds. Time shoulds not be too long, too long on the PCB and BGA could damage!
In addition, now sell more Huopu is three temperature zone model, the temperature of the machine has

a great advantage: it is in the memory of the graphics card can with bottom is higher than the temperature

of the bottom of the principle to do, so you don't have to make graphics to explode, improve the success

rate of!


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