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Vacuum vacuum laminating machine and compare one machine

Vacuum vacuum laminating machine and compare one machine


OCA vacuum laminating machine and bonded Debubblers compared to one in the end which is better?

I believe many people are willing to choose a vacuum laminating machine, burst from the phone screen

repair business point of view, more willing to choose a more professional OCA vacuum laminating machine.


Fit degassing machine was first introduced, many people will be misled. As we all know, there is a series

of mobile phone screen for the program, degassing, fit all different processes, which is two steps

respectively using the bubble machine and laminating machine completed. Degassing and

bonding machine is one of the two machines can simultaneously degassing fit, so that people have

the misconception that quick and easy, plus degassing bonded onto one machine good manufacturers

great publicity, Observing what sort of, in fact, that really is fit and defoaming one here that does not

require Observing that air compressors, vacuum pumps do not need, do not die, bonded defoaming

one, plug you can use, many customers have been misled.


OCA vacuum laminating machine laminating degassing Why than one machine better? Bonded degassing

machine, in fact, is the function of both devices assembled on a model, it seems like reduced costs,

reduced operating procedures in fact, this approach did not achieve this effect, not only greatly reduce

the yield of the device, and usually can not be removed degassing clean, more importantly, when is

much longer than the previous two machines.



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