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Welding method and skill for small components of the hot air gun

Welding method and skill for small components of the hot air gun


The small components in the circuit of liquid crystal display circuit mainly include resistance, capacitance,

inductance, transistor, etc.In particular, the components of the drive plate, most of the use of the patch

type installation (SMD), generally need to use the hot air gun for disassembly and welding. In the

disassembly and welding must grasp the good wind force, wind speed and wind direction, improper

operation, not only will the components blow away, but also "disaster pond", will be around the small

components Basha blowing position or blow away.


Small components circuit crystal display circuit mainly include resistance of liquid capacitance inductance

transistor components the plate most the of etc.. Drive particular the of installation need of use to type

patch the the generally SMD use air hot for gun The disassembly welding. and be the In In and disassembly

in the wind welding must grasp speed good the force operation direction wind and wind only improper

not the will blow components pond away also disaster away. will but blow the around components small

or Basha blowing position


Welding of small components


1.Finger clamp for small components welding, placed in the welding position, to put a positive note, can

not deviate from the solder joint. If the lack of solder joints, available iron filling in the solder joints with



2.Open the hot air gun power switch, adjust the hot air gun temperature switch in 2 ~ 3, the wind speed

switch in 1 ~ 2. The nozzle of the hot air gun and the components to be welded are kept vertical, the

distance is 2 ~ 3cm, the uniform heating. Move the hot air gun nozzle after the solder is melted in the



3.Remove the finger clamp after cooling. Use anhydrous alcohol to clean out the rosin around the





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