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Welding method of reference BGA

Welding method of reference BGA


Use the hot air welding gun FPQ encapsulation methods, but there are a few points to note.


1.Because of BGA call foot thick, generally not directly from the top floor, for BGA welding by hand.

Need dislocation type hole leads to the bottom, in addition to the outer tube feet. But if you want

to use hot air welding gun, all should be played in a hole to the bottom, and pay attention to the order.


2.The solder solution (solder configuration method in "about use manual welding 100 feet above the

surface mount chip method" add "a post said) painted on top of the pad and the pad leads to hole,

and then painted on the bottom pad leads to the hole. The solution must be clean, and the water

must be clean.


3.BGA chip on the right foot, this is the most difficult, compare the BGA welding machine. But in general,

it can be, as for the pipe foot not to touch the adjacent pipe foot pad of the lead over the hole can be.


4.Using a hot-air gun to blow but not blowing top (top chip to cover the couldn't blow), but blew the

bottom pad leads to hole, of course, you may need two things will circuit board frame overhead, you hot

air gun (I use two seats is very high very thick bookshelf live circuit board at both ends) to from below

blow these pads leads to hole, want to know FR-4. Note do not add hot air guns blown head, so as to

avoid the uneven heating, the best direct use of foul language blowing, BGA manual welding. It is

generally able to heat, because the chip area of the BGA package is not large.


Since each solder plate has a lead hole, the heat can be quickly transferred to the top of the pad, while the

top of the solder on the plate and the solder solvent, BGA chip on the pin is easy to melt. 10 seconds or so,

and so the smoke of the rosin no more.


5.With the black trace can clean the washing water to wash away the rosin plate. But it takes courage to try.

If you have no confidence in yourself, please don't do it, please others welding, otherwise regret.

BGA welding technology.




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