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What are the preparatory work for the solder paste reflow soldering

What are the preparatory work for the solder paste reflow soldering


Lifetime of solder paste for half a year and is in unopened premise, if Kaifeng then you need to use as soon

as possible so that can better ensure solder paste quality get effective play, to allow the quality of

soldering paste to play better to from storage to use and later will handle every detail is good.


In the use of the process you need to pay attention to the removal of solder paste at room temperature

to warm, generally at room temperature to 25 degrees Celsius to allow 2 degree error, generally have lead

tin paste to warm for hours, but for different solder paste specifications may be appropriate adjustment of

temperature and time, the purpose is to guarantee premise of solder paste performance into full play to

the best welding effect can be, when back to temperature after to fully mixing solvent and solder paste

fully dissolved and viscosity compliance assurance.


In preservation process needs to be lead-free solder paste placed in refrigerator 0-10 DEG C for archiving,

and solder paste to use rules to follow the advanced first out principle, to ensure in warranty period after

use to prevent appear expired, solder paste properties damaged condition.


Next is on the steel net of solder paste is coated, control the quality and thickness of the solder paste in

the process also can affect the post reflow soldering effect, so in coating process to solder paste viscosity,

thickness and ratio, when lead-free solder paste coated finish can be the into a reflow soldering furnace

operation, in order to better control the welding effect must be butt welded and solder paste were overall

understanding, so as to ensure every detail to achieve the best effect of welding.



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