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What does BGA mean

What does BGA mean


Ball Grid Array foot Ball Array (packaging)


Is a large component pin package, QFP and four pin similar are by SMT solder paste welding connected

with the circuit board. The distinctness is listed in around the "one dimension" single row type pin, such

as gull wing shaped extension feet, flat feet, or retract the bottom of abdomen of J type foot and; change

into stomach bottom comprehensive array or the local array, for the distribution of two dimensional area

of solder ball of the foot, as chip package body on the circuit board solder interconnection tools. BGA

encapsulation method developed by Motorola Company in 1986, in advance is to BT organic sheet of

double-sided board (substrate), instead of the traditional metal tripod (lead frame for IC packaging. The

biggest advantage of BGA is that Pitch Lead is much more relaxed than QFP, and many QFP's foot distance

has shrunk to 12.5mil (Card 9.8mil), such as the P5 Daughter, which is the Solder CPU, which is used to

produce the PCB Super method. However, with the function of the BGA if the full array of CPU when the

end of a full array of square feet, the foot distance can be relaxed to 50 or 60mil, greatly easing the

technical difficulties of the upper and lower reaches.


At present, BGA can be divided into five categories,


(1) plastic carrier plate (BT) of the P-BGA

(with double and multi - layer), such domestic has begun to mass production.

(2) C-BGA

(3) T-BGA

(4)() TAB () is a slightly larger than the original chip m-BGA

(5) BGA D-Bga () Prolinx, M-BGA, V-BGA, etc.,

such as Kyocera (Dimpled), Olin, etc.. The latter is particularly worth mentioning, because their products

are first in the domestic production, and very difficult. Approach is to make the silver paste for

interconnection between layers of conductive material, increase oil production in the manufacture of

layer method (build up) V-BGA (Viper) and the carrier plate for two layer thickness of more than 10mil

copper acted as radiating layer, so do for high power (5 ~ 6W) large-scale IC packaging applications.





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