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BGA Station LY HR560C

LY-5830C touch screen BGA Rework Station hot air 3 zones

LY-5830C touch screen BGA Rework Station hot air 3 zones
LY-5830C touch screen BGA Rework Station hot air 3 zones Display pictures2 Display pictures3 Display pictures4
  • Heating Type :
  • Model :LY-5830C touch screen BGA Rework Station
  • Voltage :
  • Rated Power :
  • Weight :


LY-5830C touch screen BGA Rework Station hot air 3 zones for Laptop Motherboard Chip Repair 4500W ZM-R5830
1.3 independent heater,7 inch HD touch screen 
2.PLC control BGA rework staton 
3.Orignal factory 
4.Movable top, bottom heater
Power 4500W
Top heater Hot air 800W
Bottom heater
Iron heater Hot air 1200W, Infrared 2400W
Power supply AC220V±10%  50/60Hz
Positioning V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in any direction with external 
universal fixture
Temperature control K type thermocouple, closed loop control, independent heating
Temp accuracy ±. degrees
PCB size Max 355*335mm Min 50*50 mm
BGA chip 2*2-80*80mm
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
External Temperature Sensor 1(optional)
Net weight 40kg
Laser Assist position system,
Integrated high precisely digital solderingiron.
USB 2.0 connect, can be controlled by mouse.
HD touch screen interface, PLC control.
Three independent heatersall can set 8 segments heating, cooling and constanttemperature, saved temperature profile is unlimited. IR preheat area can be controlledaccording to PCB size
K-sensorcloseloopcontrolandautomatictemperaturecompensationsystem.Itcombineswithtemperaturemodule,whichenablestemperature accuracy to ±3°C
Moveable heater, easy to operate.
Hot air nozzles,360 degree rotation, easy to install and replace, customized is available.
V-groove PCB supportfor rapid, convenience and accurate positioning that fits for all kindsof PCB board
Powerful cross flow fan, cooling the PCB board efficient after heating, to prevent it fromdeformation.
Sound hint system. There is an alarm before thecompletion of each desoldering andsoldering.
CE certification,with emergency switch and automatic power-off protection device whenemergency happens
Three years warranty(Two years longer than other companies), free life-long technicalsupport
Complete range of rework applications in medium and large scale service centers
Mobile and radio systems devices repairment
Cellular phones, PDAs, handhelds, laptops, notebooks & motherboards repairment
LAN devices, network nodes and militarycommunication equipment repairment
Portable medical equipment repairment  

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