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Soldering Station LY-952D++

LY 952D++

LY 952D++
LY 952D++ LY 952D++ LY 952D++ LY 952D++ LY 952D++ LY 952D++
  • Heating Type : hot air soldering
  • Model :LY 952D++
  • Voltage :220V & 110V
  • Rated Power :650W
  • Weight : 6KG



220V MINI LY 952D++ soldering station 
lead-free hot air welder machine 

220V MINI LY 952D++ soldering station, lead-free hot air welder machine


* Multi-functional maintenance system, auto-control hot air welding, superpowered thermostat leaded free iron

* With intelligent self-check function. It will auto-setting and enter a dormant state when the machine is opened but no operation

* Used turbo carbon brushless DC motor, low noise and durable

* humanization design

* Stable temperature, won’t be affected by the air volume



Supply voltage

AC 220V(110V)/ 50Hz


Model No.


Power consumption

50W(30V-90W P-P)

Standard solder tip

Type B

Temperature range

200C - 480C

Lead-free anti-oxidation solder tip

Durable and user-friendly

Output voltage


Tip to Ground Resistance


Tip to Ground Potential

≤ 2mv

Hot air gun

Power consumption


Temperature range

100C - 450C

Heating element

Pyroceram, Alloy wire

Nozzle to Ground Resistance


supply voltage

DC 12V

Air pump type

Turbo carbon brushless DC motor

Air Volume



Soldering station        ----- 1

Soldering iron           ----- 1

Hot air gun              ----- 1

Soldering iron support   ----- 1

Hot air gun support      ----- 1

Standard soldering tips   ----- 3

Power line               ----- 1

Cleansing cotton         ----- 1

User manual in English & Chinese ----- 1

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