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LCD Separator

LY 946D LCD separator

LY 946D LCD separator
LY 946D LCD separator LY 946D LCD separator LY 946D LCD separator LY 946D LCD separator LY 946D LCD separator
  • Heating Type :
  • Model :LY 946D LCD separator
  • Voltage :
  • Rated Power :
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LY 946D LCD separator


220V/110V LY 946D Mobilephones screen separator split screen machine for

iPhone 4/4s/5/Samsung/HTC

LCD & TOUCH SCREEN separator, split screen machine



Temperature range:100~350 degree,+-1 degree

Temperature display:3bites(display:1 degree)

Heating plate:

Dimension: 200*200*20 mm

Constant slow stability:1.5 degree

Weight:5 KG





Used to divide, repair cell phone screen, LED display

Component heating work, SMD reengineering work,PCB removing,soldering  work



1.  The table should be in tidy and the material must be heatproof


2.  When it’s working, should be careful to keep away from getting burned


3.  Pay attention to the heating element, high temperature will damage it.


4.  Do not use heating plate near the combustible and flammable objects.


5.  Do not move or touch the machine until it’s power off and cooling down .


6.  This machine is high temperature electronic product. In case of any accident happen, remember to cut

off the power while not use it.


7.  Do not use the machine in high temperature (up to 300 degree) for a long time. Usually, no more than 8h.



1.  Must ensure the machine connects ground wire

2.  Do not let air flow blows on the plate directly, or it will affect the heating machine


Packing list:

User manual ----- 1

Power cord ----- 1

Station    ----- 1

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