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BGA Station LY G620

LY G620 BGA Rework Station

LY G620 BGA Rework Station
  • Heating Type : Automatic
  • Model :LY G620
  • Voltage :220V AC
  • Rated Power :5300W
  • Weight : 60KG


LY G620 BGA Rework Station


AInstallation sites

In order to ensure that the useful life of BGA rework station, installation of repair station must meet the following conditions:

1.Away from flammable and explosive materials                 

2.Do not splash water or other liquids

3.Well-ventilated , dry place           

4.Stable , flat areas less susceptible to vibration

5.Place less dust              

6.Prohibit Placing heavy objects on top of the touch screen

7.Without the influence of air-conditioners, heaters and fans

8.Reserved for 30cm to move and rotate around the upper for the back of rework station

BPower supply

INPUT :220AV±10% 50/60HZ


Safety precautions

1.Do not use fans or other devices directly to the repair station hair when it works, otherwise it will lead

to negative differential heating plate surface , burn the workpiece

2.When the machine is on working, high-temperature heating zone can not be any direct contact with

the object , it may cause fire or explosion ,and the PCB workpiece should be placed on the PCB support


3.Do not shake rework station , and move gently

4.Do not touch the high fever area , otherwise you will burned

5.When turned on, do not use the flammable spray , liquid or flammable gas near the repair station

6.Do not try to modify rework station , otherwise it will cause fire or electric shock

7.Electrical box has the high-voltage components , do not attempt to disassemble

8.If the metal objects or liquids fall into the repair station when it works , immediately disconnect the

power , unplug the power cord until the machine to cool down , then completely remove litter , dirt ; 

if dirt left ,there is odor when reboot

9.When abnormal heating or smoking, immediately disconnect the power , and inform the technical

service to repair It needs to disconnect the wires between the electrical boxes and machine parts, and

have to hold the plug, otherwise it leads to poor contact, and does not work

10.Note that the repair station not to press or run over other electrical equipment or power lines or

communication cable , and it may cause device malfunction or cause fire or electric shock

11.Before use the rework station, you must read this manual carefully


Total Power 5300W
Top heater 1200W
Bottom heater 2 nd:1200W  3 rd:2700W (Plus large fever area to adapt to all kinds of P board)
power AC220V±10%     50/60Hz
Dimensions L550×W580×H720 mm
Positioning V-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in X direction with external universal fixture
Temperature control K thermocouple (K Sensor)Closed loop
Temp accuracy ±2±2 degree
PCB size Max 400×380 mm Min 22×22 mm
BGA chip 2*2-50*50mm
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
External Temperature Sensor 1 (optional)
Net weight 60kg



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