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LCD Separator

LY 948v.2 Semi automatic LCD Separator Machine

LY 948v.2 Semi automatic LCD Separator Machine
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  • Heating Type :
  • Model :948v.2
  • Voltage :
  • Rated Power :
  • Weight :


Professional LCD Separator Machine 
Retail Lcd Touch Screen Repair Machine 
High Qualit Control
Semi automatic Professional LCD Separator Machine, with built-in Vaccum pump
Semi automatic Retail Lcd Touch Screen Repair Machine  With built-in Vacuum pump
LY 948V.2
Product Features
1. Auto heating metal plate, maximum temperature is 400 centigrade
2. Safety power system inside, avoiding the electric leakage problem
3. Anti static body material, prevent the LCD and the flex cable being damaged from the static
4. Easy installation
5. Strong built-in vaccum pump to fix the touch screen glass on the plate
6. Smooth metal plate to hold the touch screen without any damaged
7. Temperature should be set to 80 centigrade to 100 centigrade, when you do the job on iPhone and galaxy series…
8. 2 bearings to last long the life of the wire you use to separate, and prevent your hands be hurt by the high temperature platform
9. Compatible for LCD or LED screen assembly
10. Product size range: length: 3.3inch, width: 6.3inch, diagonal: 6.8inch
How to Use:
    1: Turn the power switch on
    2: Turn the temperature controller on, and set the temperature. ( usually lower than 100 degree)
    3: Put the wire on by the manual mode
    4: Adjust steering button
    5: Push the, and adjust the motor speed by rotary switch
    6: Adjust the steering button up, the machine will run clockwise; Adjust the steering button up, the machine will run anticlockwise; Middle position will run clockwise and anticlockwise alternatively. 
1. Do not produce the heat more than 110 degree when operating; otherwise the high temperature may destroy the phone accessories
2. As different country has different current or voltage standard, we have Voltage 220V and 110V for your choice; please choose the right one which meets your country's voltage standard;
Product Specification:
Power supply AC 85V to AC 265V 50Hz, almost for users from all over the world
Compatible with 2.5 inch to 7 inch
Heating plate Size: 8 inch
Weight 21kg
Packaging Carton Box
Package included:
1 x Semi-automatic Separator 948V.2 (with built-in air pump)
1 x Silicone non-slip mat
1x 20M separating wire
    1 x Power Charging Cable

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