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UV Glue Dryer

UV Glue Dryer
UV Glue Dryer UV Glue Dryer
  • Heating Type :
  • Model :UV Glue Dryer
  • Voltage :220V & 110V
  • Rated Power :36w
  • Weight : 800G



1. UV LED light
2. Repairing cellphone screen

220v/110v, 36W UV light,UV Glue Dryer LED Light for cellphone screen repair
Professional Ultraviolet Nail Curing Lamp.
With timer switch, which would be used to control the timing of UV curing.
Can be used with various kinds of UV products, such as UV Top Coat / UV Builder Gel / etc.
High quality, suitable for hands and feet.
Highly efficient PL UVA bulb for faster, safer and odorless curing.
Include 4 special lamp tubes, each one is 9W.
Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate.
Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail or toe nail care uses.
Input: 220-240V/0.35A 50-60Hz
Output: 4 x 9W lamp 365nm
Timer: 120s
Color: white
Plug: EU plug( NOTE: This item comes with US or AU plug too)
Item measurement: 100mm x 230mm x 250mm
Package size: 105mm x 280.2mm x 230mm
Item weight: 800g
Package weight: 1093g
Package including:
1 * Nail Art UV Lamp
4 * Lamp tubes
Due to the different rated voltage between China and other countries in the world.
Please pay high attention to make sure whether the UV lamp's voltage matched the rated input voltage of your country.

Country  (Hz)  (VOLTAGE)  PLUG
 U.S.A-   60    112/120           EP
 Russia  50       220               E2
 Brazil    60    110/220           AE

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