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Vacuum air pump

Vacuum air pump
Vacuum air pump Vacuum air pump Vacuum air pump Vacuum air pump
  • Heating Type :
  • Model :Vacuum air pump
  • Voltage :220V AC
  • Rated Power :150W
  • Weight : 4KG


vacuum air pump for laminating machine


vacuum air pump, mini vacuum pump for LCD separater machine / covering membrane machine laminating machine


Operation manual:
1.Use vacuum at the pump, take down enter angry cap at first, join, release into container, spend the pipeline should be short
2.Check air inlet junction and urgent, release into container and spend pipeline seal reliable, there can't be seepage phenomenon
3.Cap of exhausting on taking down and catching the collecting device, open the switch, the pump begins to start to run
4.Pump after the use, shut off pump and valve to smoke container
5.Shut off the switch on the pump, pull out the plug
6.Remove and join the pipeline
7.Cover and enter the angry cap and exhaust closely on the cap-like cover finally, prevent the booty or the particle floats to enter the pump
1.Check whether interface place whorl of pipeline and air inlet whorl are identical
2.The pump should pay attention to the oil level change in using, when the oil level is dropped to the single track oil level line under 5MM or double-line location line lower limit in the oil window, please add the pump oil of vacuum in time
Plan to work:
1.Check whether the power used conforms with power voltage and frequency of marking on the data plate of the products
2.Please guarantee the pump is in front of putting through the power the switch is in the state of closing
3.The oil of pump is annotated
1.The pace can't be too fast to refuel, prevent the oil of pump from overflowing
2.When the pump operates, the oil amount should keep in 5MM range or between upper and lower limits of line of two sticks of oil level on the line of single oil level. The oil level is too low will reduce the performance of the pump, the oil level is too high and will cause the oil fog to squirt
Technical parameter:
Specified voltage: 220V- /50Hz
Smoke the angry speed: 3.6 m3/h
Limiting pressure: 2 Pa
The power of the electrical machinery: 150 W
The air inlet joins whorl: 1/4"  Flare
Fuel quantity: 150 ml
External dimension: 255X105X202
Weight: 4 kg
Packing inside:
vacuum air pump(as pictured) x1set

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