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BGA Station LY HR560

bga rework station LY-5250 total power 2300W

bga rework station LY-5250 total power 2300W
bga rework station LY-5250 total power 2300W Display pictures2 Display pictures3
  • Heating Type :
  • Model : LY-5250
  • Voltage :220
  • Rated Power :
  • Weight :


Electrical motor control up down 3 zones Mobile phone motherboard repair station bga rework station LY-5250 total power 2300W
Total Power 2300W
Top hot air heater 450W
Bottom diode heater 1800W
Power AC220V±10%     50Hz
Lighting Taiwan led working light, any angle adjusted.
Operation mode High definition touch screen, intelligent conversational interface, digital system setting
Top heater movement Automatic up / down with button,  manual Right/left, 
Positioning Intelligent positioning, PCB can be adjusted in X, Y direction with “5 points support” +  V-groov pcb bracket + universal fixtures.
Temperature control K sensor, close loop
Temp accuracy ±2℃
PCB size Max 170×220 mm Min 22×22 mm
BGA chip 2x2 mm - 80x80 mm
Minimum chip spacing 0.15mm
External temper sensor 1pc
Dimensions L540*W310*H500mm
1.LY-5250 Is special for mobile repairing, such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, HTC.... Mini type, lower shipping cost.  
2.Top hot air heating, bottom German diode heating zone with glass guard. Top head can move up / down automatic with button. Machine movement with slides, stable and durable.
 3.Embedded industrial PC, HD touch screen conversational interface, human-machine interface operation, multi-functional integrated control, human structure design, optional numbers storage, apply temperature curve freely. With multi-functions: “keep same temperature”, “instant curve analysis” and “voice warning before heating finish”. Real-time actual temperature and temperature curve setting can also be used to analyze and correct the curve if necessary.
 4.high precise k-type thermocouple closed-loop control, with temperature module and intelligent control unit to enable precise temperature deviation on ±2℃. Meanwhile, external temperature measurement connector enables temperature diction and accurate analysis of real time temperature curve.
 5.V-groove PCB works for rapid, convenient and accurate positioning, which can suitable for all kinds of PCB board positioning.
 6.Movable universal fixture prevent pcb from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all kinds of pcb repairing.
 7.With different size of magnet nozzles, easy replace and install, rotate freely 360°, any size can be custom if need. Titanium alloy material, never deformation, never rusty
 8.Two heating zones can independently heat and they are multiple temperature control, which can ensure best integration of different temperature areas. Heating temperature, time, slope and cooling can all be set in touch screen conversational interface. Meanwhile PID calculation to control heating process more accurate and more stable.
 9.6-8 segments temperature can be set for top heating and lower heating(up to 16 segments). 50,000 groups of temperature curves can be stored, which can number, modification and apply at any time according to different BGA. Curve analysis, setting and adjustment are also available on touch screen.
 10.With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish: remind operator to pick up bga chip on time. After heating, cooling fan will work automatic, when temperature cool down to room temperature ( <45℃ ), cooling system will stop automatic to prevent the heater from aging.
 11.CE certification approval. Double protection: Overheating guard + emergency stop function.  
Why our machine more accurate?
Our machine use PID control, the data acquisition frequency of our machine is 10ms(which means every 10ms the PID will grab the data to correcting the temperature, but for most of BGA rework station from other companies, their PID grab frequency is 30ms, this is a big difference between 10ms and 30ms, that's why our machine is more accurate.

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