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About Us

LiYang (LY) Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 it is located in the beautiful city of Shenzhen China; It is a research and development, manufacturing and sales of integrated company. We have our own brand “LY”, operating mainly with the research , manufacturing and sales of BGA rework station,CNC engraving machine,Laser engraving machine,OCA products.And we also manufactures, operates a series of accessories of them.
LiYang (LY) Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. production base is in Beijing, with the expanding of the company, the increasing of sales achievement and customers, we continued to expand, respectively in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places as our production base; Our company has a number of elites devote to research, make the most use of advanced technology, imported materials, have developed a series of high-performance machines, such as IR9000, IR9500, IR-PRO-SC V.2 and IR &HR-PRO-SC,CNC 3020Z-DQ,3040Z-S,6040Z-USB,6090.
Laser have 3020,3040,6040 so ect. LY products exported to Europe, Brazil and sold in Southeast Asia and other countries, covering many countries and regions, there are also many agents all over the world, agreed by many customers.
In order to be more confident to order our products by more foreign merchant, our products adopted the ISO9001 and certification of 2000 quality management system in September 2010, and also obtained CE certification, product quality and cost-effective implementation of synchronized development together , and achieve "win-win" marketing platform.
Company philosophy: professionalism, innovation, integrity;
Company objective: customer satisfaction is our eternal goal;
In order to meet the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers, our company developed its own brand, and we also agent other good brands of products.
Company's own brand:
LY BGA rework station :IR6000, IR9000,IR10K,IR-PRO-SC V.2、IR-PRO-SC V.3、IR-PRO-SC V.4,SV550C,HR560C..
LY CNC products: 3020Z-DQ,3040Z-S,6040Z-USB,6090...
LY Laser products:3020,3040,6040
LY OCA products:947B,988 screen separator,OCA laminating machine


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