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New interface for Intel exposure

Although the desktop version of 14nm Broadwell processor also without a trace, but we don't need it,

because this year with the Skylake processor for 14nm manufacturing process also to meet us.

Unlike Broadwell, Skylake interface from the LGA1150 change to LGA1151, it must be combined with a

Intel 100 series chipset to use.

Recently, ASRock first demonstrated using LGA1151 interface board, model is IMB-190, using mini ITX

version of the design, the memory slot is not the latest DDR4, but DDR3L, which validates the Skylake

will support both DDR3 and DDR4 two kinds of memory specification statement.

Other specifications, the board also provides three HDMI, four USB 3, four USB 2, two SATA 6Gbps,

1 mSATA, a mini PCIe and a PCI-E x 4 slot.

BGA rework station

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