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How to choose BGA rework station

How to choose BGA rework station


With the extensive application bga chip, including applications in computer motherboards, cell phones,

webcams, memory, TV motherboards, communications products and other fields, bga rework station

demand is also growing. Some individual maintenance friends often ask me, how to choose a suitable

BGA rework station. Although bga rework station prices have been reduced to the level of individual

service friends very easy to accept, but, after all, is a bga rework station infrastructure investment would

buy a useful and practical. Here we give brief selection point bga rework station. Select a good

bga rework station, should be mainly from the following standpoint:


A, what your basic needs are
1, the regular maintenance of your circuit board size determines how much you buy bga rework station

the size of the work surface, in general, an ordinary notebook computer motherboard size, are less than

420x400mm. When selecting this is a basic indicator.

2, the maximum and minimum dimensions often soldered chip size of the chip should know that the

general vendor with four air nozzle, the maximum and minimum chip size determines the size of the

optional air nozzle.

3, the main power wires Power size of the general individual repair shop is 2.5m2 in select

bga rework station power should not be greater than 4500W, otherwise, the introduction of the

power cord is troublesome.


B, you choose whether bga rework station has the following functions
1, whether it is three temperature zones including heating head, heating, infrared preheating zone.

Three temperature zones are standard, there are two temperature zones currently available products

include only the head and infrared preheating zone heating, welding success rate is very low, be sure

to pay attention to when buying.

2, heated head is heated up and down under the head can move up and down movement, is one of

the necessary functions bga rework station. When welding because relatively large circuit board, under

heating head tuyeres, through design, it is to play the role of auxiliary support. If you can not move up

or down, it can not play a supporting role in supporting welding success rate is greatly reduced.

3, whether the application of intelligent curve setting function bga rework station, the temperature curve

setting is the most important aspect. If bga rework station temperature curve is set incorrectly,

the success rate is very low ranging from welding, soldering or heavy you can not disassemble.

Now appeared on the market a set temperature curve can be smart products: GM5360, temperature

curve settings Goldpac technology is very convenient.

4, whether plus welding function if the temperature curve setting is not accurate, use this feature,

you can greatly improve the success rate of welding. In the heating process, adjust the welding temperature.


5, whether the general use of cross-flow cooling fan cooling.


6, whether built-in vacuum convenient dismantling bga chip, draw bga chips.


7, if the temperature instrumentation control bga rework station, resolutely oppose you buy
Temperature instrumentation control bga rework station, there are many problems. The main problem is

the high failure rate.

Now the market's temperature control instrumentation, basically is a fake, Taiwan genuine temperature

control instrumentation, support temperature curve, priced at 1200-2000 yuan / Taiwan. bga rework station

temperature control is the core function, poor quality of temperature control instrumentation can not

guarantee the accuracy of temperature control, we can not guarantee the quality of welding.

Temperature meter data set tedious, to a number a number of switches have entered a temperature curve,

you do not want to enter the second, that is, the man-machine interface is very unfriendly.



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