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Repair method of sealing BGA

Repair method of sealing BGA


Repair procedure

1.To be repaired PCB board is placed on the bracket, using hot air convection heating the bottom of the PCB

and BGA&CSP upper temperature rose to 200 DEG C or higher.


2.When the actual temperature reached 60~90, 200~300 seconds, the bottom of the solder began to melt,

the glue is brittle, and the front of the camera or the blade to remove the BGA&CSP around the brittle glue,

through the vacuum adsorption device to use a slight twist to destroy the last stick relay.


3.With BGA&CSP shape close to the suction nozzle fixed on the surface of the BGA&CSP, along the axis of the

rotation, the use of torque caused by the rotation of the BGA from the PCB board.


4.After the removal of the BGA, PCB transfer to 80-120 DEG C plate, with a scraper or brush plate residual glue

is removed, and assisted with acetone or similar organic solvent scrubbing.


5.The ideal repair time is within 3 minutes, because the PCB board at high temperature for too long may be



matters need attention


1 the use of hot air convection heating, the temperature should not exceed 280, otherwise it may lead to the

generation of BGA warping or destruction of peripheral components.

2 in the absence of relevant vacuum adsorption device, it can also be used to complete the BGA, if the BGA size

is too large and difficult to implement the torque, the BGA can be lightly pry it from the corner of the PCB, but

must not be excessive force.

3 removal of residual glue on the PCB board should be noted to prevent the injury of the welding plate.

4 when cleaning can use acetone, MEK, IPA and other organic solvents, but can not be directly soaked pad or

residual glue.



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