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Rework Station Installation

Rework Station Installation


Rework Station Installation
(A) the installation site
   In order to ensure the effective life of the repair station, repair station installation must meet the following


1, away from flammable and explosive materials;
2, do not splash water or other liquids places;
3, well-ventilated, dry place;
4, stable, flat areas less vulnerable to shock
5, less dust in the workplace;
6, the control box is placed on top of non-heavy;

7, Place will not be air conditioners, heaters or ventilators direct airflow impacts;
8, the back of the repair station reserved 30CM more space to move and rotate around the upper part;

(B) Power Requirements
Use a smaller power supply voltage fluctuations voltage fluctuations: 220V ± 10 Frequency fluctuation: 50Hz ± 3



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