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Teach you how to debug BGA rework station temperature curve

Teach you how to debug BGA rework station temperature curve


1, the current commonly used smt tin two namely leaded and unleaded ingredients: lead Pb SN tin silver

copper AG CU. There pewter beads Sn63Pb37 melting point 183 °, the melting point of lead-free solder

beads Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 217 °

2, adjust the temperature when the temperature line we should be inserted between the BGA and the PCB,

and the front line to ensure that temperature exposed parts are inserted into.

3, bumping, BGA surface to be coated in a small amount of help solder paste, stencil, solder balls, planting

tables to ensure clean and dry.

4, to help paste, and paste should be placed in the refrigerator when you save 10 ℃ preservation.

5, before making PCB and BGA board to ensure that no moisture is dried, baked.

6, environmental protection is marked international ROSS, if PCB containing this label, we can also think of

this PCB made of lead-free process.

7, in the welding BGA, to smear evenly on the PCB help paste, lead-free solder can lead slightly put some


8, in the welding BGA, pay attention to PCB support, card board card when not too tight, to set aside the

PCB thermal expansion gap.

9, there are major differences between tin and lead-free solder: the melting point is not the same.

(Lead 183 ℃ unleaded 217 ℃) lead good liquidity, unleaded poor. Harmfulness. Lead-free that is

environmentally friendly, non-green lead

10, the role of co-paste of 1> fluxing 2> remove impurities and oxide layer BGA and PCB surface, so that

the welding effect is more good.

11, the bottom of the dark outer heating plate can not be used when cleaning liquid substance to clean,

you can use a dry cloth, tweezers, clean!


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