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OCA aid device

Vacuum laminating machine

Vacuum laminating machine
Vacuum laminating machine Vacuum laminating machine Vacuum laminating machine Vacuum laminating machine
  • Heating Type : heating thermostat
  • Model :Vacuum laminating machine
  • Voltage :220V AC
  • Rated Power :1500W
  • Weight : 30kg


Vacuum laminating machine

Desktop Non-Bubble Laminating Machine with Vacuum Pump

 Suitable for capacitive touch screen Cover plate (Cover Lens) and functional Glass Sensor (Glass) of OCA laminating process; Apply to the Touch screen (Touch Panel) and liquid crystal module (LCD Panel) of the OCA laminating process, at the same time can also be applied to other areas of membrane, glass to glass (glass) of hard in hard OCA laminating process.




Characteristics of the equipment:


No mold, no bubble; 

Equipment imported from Japan SMC pneumatic components 

A key to start, easy to operate; 

Japan thermostat, the temperature can be accurate to ± 1 ° C 

Japanese precision pressure regulator, pressure ± 0.001Mpa 

Flat lamination way, the overall lamination, smooth uniform pressure, no stress concentration, no color pattern after lamination, no indentation, LCD chaos color, smaller convenient transportation.


Equipment technical parameters:


Device Power: AC220V 1500W power supply optional AC110V, AC220V, AC380V 

Working pressure :0.4-0 .6 Mpa 

Work environment :20-23 ° C, clean, dust-free 

Fitting way: flat lamination 

Productivity: 50s/1pcs 

Heating mode: heating thermostat 

Adapt Size: 7 "(according to customer requirements) 

Equipment size: 320 * 292 * 370mm 

Machine Weight: about 25kg (Packed by Wooden box for a safety shipping)


Pump Weight: about 30kg



Max.P. 2 Pa

Max oil:800ml




Equipment application:

This Vacuum laminating machine Suitable for capacitive touch screen Cover plate (Cover Lens) and functional Glass Sensor (Glass) of OCA laminating process; Apply to the Touch screen (Touch Panel) and liquid crystal module (LCD Panel) of the OCA laminating process, at the same time can also be applied to other areas of membrane, glass to glass (glass) of hard in hard OCA laminating process.

Characteristics of the equipment:

* Vacuum Laminating Machine, No need mold, almost no bubble; 

* Equipment imported from Japan SMC pneumatic components 

* A key to start, easy to operate; 
* Japan thermostat, the temperature can be accurate to ± 1 ° C 
* Japanese precision pressure regulator, pressure ± 0.001Mpa 
* Flat lamination way, the overall lamination, smooth uniform pressure, no stress concentration, 

Equipment technical parameters:

Device Power: AC220V 1500W power supply optional AC110V, AC220V, AC380V 
Working pressure :0.4-0 .6 Mpa 
Work environment :20-23° C, clean, dust-free 
Fitting way: flat lamination 
Productivity: 50s/1pcs 
Heating mode: heating thermostat 
Adapt Size: 6 "(according to customer requirements) 
Equipment size: 320 * 292 * 370mm 
Weight: Machine about 39kg



1. This Vacuum Laminating Machine need to used with Vacuum Pump and Air Compressor together.

2.  For Vacuum Laminating Machine, both 220V and 110V are available. Please leave message which voltage machine you need.

3.  Demo Video will be provided. Vacuum Laminating Machinewill be packed by Wooden box for a safety shipping.

4. We sell whole set other OCA machine too(Such as separate machine, glue remove machine, oca film laminator, bubble autoclave machine etc and all acceossories), Please contact us if any concerns.


Vacuum Laminating Machine will be tested and pre-setting before ship out, no need to setup~

This Vacuum Laminating Machine NO NEED REMOVE BUBBLE~



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