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What Is a BGA Chip?

What Is a BGA Chip?


According to Tech-faq, a ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits.

Conductive metal balls are used instead of the traditional pins. These balls allow electrical current to flow

between the processor and the computer motherboard.


Advantages of BGA


A ball grid array has a low resistance to heat that makes precise alignment possible by allowing heat to flow

from mounted circuit components to the printed circuit board. This low resistance reduces the risk of

overheating. Precise alignment and mounting let the assembly's contact points be hard-wired and not

susceptible to cross bridging like pin grids. BGA also offers greater security in both applications and data.


Disadvantage of BGA


A ball grid array is not very flexible. Periods of high stress on the integrated circuit may cause the balls or the

contacts to break. To locate flaws in design or manufacturing, expensive tools must be used.


BGA Sockets


BGA sockets have a tendency to be unreliable. Two common types of BGA socket are produced.

The more reliable type has spring pins that push up under the balls. The less reliable type is a

ZIF socket, with spring pincers that grab the balls.


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