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Hot air gun BGA welding method

Hot air gun BGA welding method


1, hot air gun adjustment


It is very important to use the hot air gun to repair IC BGA.. Only master and application of good air gun,

in order to make the maintenance of mobile phone success rate greatly improved. Otherwise it will expand

even the PCB fault poster fee. First, the adjustment of the hot air gun in the repair of IC BGA. BGA IC

internal is high integration density, due to the different materials, so some BGA IC is not very heat-resistant,

adjust the temperature control is particularly important, general hot air guns with eight temperature profile,

BGA Solder IC general in the 3-4 gear. That is to say 180-250 DEG C left stone. The temperature of the BGA

is easily damaged above 250. But many a hot-air gun in the factory or in the process of internal adjustable

resistance has changed, so when in use to observation of tuyere, don't let in the electric heating wire become

very red. Lest temperature too high.


On the air, there is no specific provision, as long as the duct in the quantity of heat to send out and not as to

blow away next to the small components on the line. Also need to pay attention to the temperature distribution

in air condition test paper.


2, IC welding


Plus the amount of flux in IC, with the wind mouth suggestion. Should also pay attention to, tuyere shoulds

not be too close from the IC, IC heating, first with low temperature preheating, the IC and machine plate is

heated evenly, can better prevent plate moisture to evaporate sharply and foaming phenomenon. Small

amplitude sloshing hot-air gun, don't stop in a real, heat concentrated in one place BGA IC easily damaged,

heating process using forceps gently touch IC next to the small components, as long as it is loose, BGA IC

solder ball also want to melt later with forceps gently touch BGA IC, if it can move and automatic homing,

welding is completed.


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