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Solder on the use, nature and development

Solder on the use, nature and development


With the reflow technology, solder paste has become a Surface  Mount Technology (SMT) the most

important technology of materials, the rapid development in recent years, and will directly affect the

surface of the welding assembly quality and reliability. Solder paste should have a good thixotropy

viscous and can flow smoothly, welding quality meet expectations. The nature of solder paste it

unique work environment, as well as for staff in the operation, it should be noted in the use of

solder paste in the need to pay attention to related matters, including its purchase, storage and use.

With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, has been the development of solder paste,

and now most of our attention will be lead-free solder paste. The world in constant development,

science and technology is also progress in the development of the electronics industry forced us to

be more advanced paste made the breakthrough, it is committed to research and explore the paste

is more important.

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