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BGA chip installation

BGA chip installation


1.BGA IC fixed: there will be a welding foot the coated on one side with the right amount of solder paste,

hot air gun temperature transferred to 2nd gear gently blowing, solder paste evenly distributed on the

surface of the IC. To locate the IC solder for welding preparation. Then the temperature of hot air gun to

the 3 gear, first heating board, blowing molten flux. Then BGA IC with good solder balls by removing the

position before on the circuit board. At the same time, IC will move around the tweezers and gently pressed,

then you can feel the contact on both sides of leg. After the alignment, because prior to the IC feet painted

a little help paste, there is a certain stickiness, IC will not move. If the position is partial, to re position.


2.Planting ball requirements, adjustment of hot air gun to fit the air volume and temperature, let the

wind mouth of the central alignment of the central position of the IC, slowly heating. When IC sees a

sinking around to help paste overflow, that has solder and solder joint fusion on the circuit board

together. At this time can be gently shaking the hot air gun so that the heating uniformity, due to

the role of surface tension. IC BGA and line plate of the solder joints between the automatic alignment

positioning, after the completion of the welding with alcohol to clean the plate.

Note: in the heating process, do not force the BGA, otherwise it will make the solder spill, extremely easy

to cause off the foot and short circuit.


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