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IPhone mobile phone explosion screen repair process

IPhone mobile phone explosion screen repair process


1: Screen dismantling machine
Separation is the touch screen laminating machine laminating screen maintenance process in the first

process, need to use the equipment the separator, separator includes manual separator and electric

separator, the machine first burst down the screen broken glass plate separator.


separation machine


separation machine


2: glue remove machine
Will be removed after the removal of the screen with a plastic machine in addition to the glue, the glue

will be cleaned, the time to remove the plastic machine temperature to 300 degrees.


glue remove machine


3: cleaning
In addition to the OCA plastic screen with white oil or other cleaning agents to clean, can not have any dust.




4:Film laminating machine
With manual or automatic laminating machine will be cleaned after the screen film, the requirements of the

OCA adhesive process in a clean and bad environment, can not remain any bubble.


laminating machine


5:Touch screen laminating machine
Touch screen laminating machine laminating process is the whole process of the maintenance of the

screen in the key process and coating finish OCA plastic screen with touch screen laminating machine

vacuum laminating, vacuum laminating negative pressure in more than 95 percent.


laminating machine


6:Removing bubble

Joint glass cover LCD assembly individual there will be some small bubbles. Meanwhile, the screen

assembly in addition to bubble machine to remove bubbles, with the exception of the bubble is the

principle of defoaming machine inside the high pressure bubble extrusion, defoaming process in

vacuum environment under the fitting screen.

Removing bubble


7:Pressure support
This is screen repair at the end of a process, press the support bracket used machine is a constant

temperature hot press, only the iPhone millet mobile phone screen to use the process of pressure

support, other models of the screen not necessarily used pressure technology support. Will be installed

screen bracket assembly (bracket need good solid rubber) placed in the mould, machine high temperature

pressure (temperature of 100 degrees) will be solid glue melting, the bracket and the screen is fully fit.

Machine, pressure support machine.

Pressure support



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