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The operation steps of using universal plant to carry out BGA

The operation steps of using universal plant to carry out BGA


Prepare tools: Universal planting bead stage, solder, solder paste, cleaning agent, flux, ceiling tin line,

oil painting brush, hexagon board hand, electric iron, cloth. (reballing BGA reworkstation)


In addition to tin
bga apply a small amount of flux, solder balls draw with heated iron, then iron heating thermostat Los

suction-line, using suction to remove the residual tin tin line BGA PAD on. (Note: The iron temperature

set between 260 degrees to 300 degrees)


After the addition to the tin with a clean cloth dipped in BGA chip cleaner to clean parts. (Note: BGA flux

on the chemical reaction occurs and produces qualitative change, the impact of welding parts)


Bumping steps:
1, the BGA chip plant beads onto the stage with a hex key holder according to BGA resize, make BGA chip

plant beads can be squarely placed on the stage.
2, with a brush will help BGA solder paste evenly on the surface.
3, depending on the BGA chip bumping choose the right stencil and solder balls and steel mesh fixed to the

planting stage bead die (adjustment steel mesh and chip solder joints to completely coincide)
4, pour solder balls shake sik Chu Taiwan, so that the corresponding steel mesh fill the solder ball
5, the excess solder balls poured from tin ball seat
6, Gently press the handle, pay attention to the case of solder ball
7, Remove the plant beads table mold
8, check whether tainted ball or hold the ball situation. If the correction or tweezers to pull away
9, the BGA bumping OK uniform heating with a hot air gun.



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