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When using leaded solder paste to what should pay attention to

When using leaded solder paste to what should pay attention to


1.Leaded solder paste preparation before use


Back to the temperature:


Back to the operation method of temperature:


Will have lead solder paste removed from the refrigerator, will remain sealed, placed 2-4 hours at room

temperature, the balance of its temperature and room temperature and then open the cap and avoid back

to warm bottles of the solder paste is closely arranged, arranged closely to reduce the contact area with the

environment, affect the rebound effect.


Solder paste is usually need to be back before use temperature operation, because of the solder paste from

the cold storage environment to retrieve its temperature is much lower than the environment temperature,

such as in the state of kaifeng, solder paste easy absorption of moisture, during reflow soldering, rapidly

vaporized water is heated, solder ball and solder splash influence will welding effect.




With lead of cryopreservation on solder paste storage, can make the motility and uniformity of lead-free

solder paste is affected, so the solder paste should be fully mixing before printing, flux and the tin powder

mixing in order to achieve the good use effect, general mixing time is 1 ~ 4 minutes vary with different

mixing method.


2.Solder paste storage method


New leaded solder paste unopened, please put in 5 ~ 10 ℃ refrigerator preservation, storage period is 6

months, after opening the rest of the solder paste must be stored in the refrigerator after sealing, blow

back from the screen and leaking plate of excess solder paste, not new and unused tin



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