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Whether BGA rework station has excellent performance?

Whether BGA rework station has excellent performance?


1, bga rework station temperature control precision is how much? General reflow soldering temperature

accuracy is ± 1 ℃, temperature control accuracy of greater than ± 1 ℃ bga rework station, I suggest you

do not buy, due to low temperature control accuracy, there is no way to achieve precise temperature curve

temperature you set. Especially in a small pitch bga welding, extremely prone to bridging. Some of the

company's products, due to the precision of temperature control technology, however, can not achieve

this accuracy.

2, it shows the actual temperature curve on the screen? Temperature curve is displayed on the screen,

some manufacturers show only the curve settings, without displaying the actual temperature curve.

This is very problematic, if he did not dare to open the actual temperature curve to the customer,

to prove his temperature control accuracy is very low.



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