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What is vacuum fitting machine? What do you do with it.

What is vacuum fitting machine? What do you do with it.


Product Name: vacuum laminating machine is a vacuum fitting machine, which means the repair of the

explosive screen which is a process of maintenance equipment, and now the market is too much more

fit machine. According to the individual, or in some places it is also called the OCA laminating machine,

dry laminating glue machine, pressure screen machine touch screen laminating machine, pressing machine

and so on names.

Mobile phone LCD screen repair industry in the laminating machine, the purpose is to better fit the role of

the mobile phone LCD OCA glue and cover plate

And now the updated equipment, from the most primitive use of the mold fixed in the machine inside the

OCA vacuum laminating machine, to no mold of the laminating machine, from the water glue machine,

gradually changing into dry glue equipment, these are a great leap, and now the dry rubber equipment

is also in constant good, basic molding.

Do not know if you have not found, and now the principle of the device is the same, the effect is almost

the same.

Choose a machine not only to choose a single appearance, but to talk about the effect of his a do screen,

including the company's technology, service is guaranteed, and so on.

Choose a machine is not a vase, the machine is in order to make money for their own use, there is a

sentence also called only to choose right, not expensive.Speak of is a practical!

Summary: the stability of the product is good, the technology is better, to ensure that the follow-up is to

do a good job.


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