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BGA Station LY X3

LY X3 BGA Rework Station

LY X3 BGA Rework Station
  • Heating Type : Automatic
  • Model :LY X3
  • Voltage :220V AC
  • Rated Power :3600W
  • Weight : 80KG


1       Product profile

Ly-X3 is an economical rework station with optical alignment system, and manually controlled with the integration of soldering and desoldering design; applicable to BGAs of all forms of encapsulation.


2       Features


Hot air head and mounting head integration design, direct heating after mounting without moving PCB to avoid BGA misplaced, dual-speed motor drive, hot air head moves up and down by hand.

New-style hot air and IR mixed 2 in 1 for upper head heating; temperature rises fast, which leads to the big temperature difference between BGA and others  around with no effects on them; suitable for PCB with small pitch between components.

Three separate heating areas, upper/lower hot air and bottom IR; heating time and temperature can display on the touch screen.

Large movable bottom pre-heating area, PCB clamping device can be flexibly adjusted on X/Y-axis; Reworkable Max. PCB size 550*550mm.

Powerful cross flow fan cools down the lower heating areas quickly.

Color high-resolution optical vision system with split vision, zoom in and fine-adjusting functions, aberration distinguish device included, auto-focus, software operation, 22x optical zoom, reworkable BGA size range 1.5 * 1.5 mm ~70*70mm.

Embedded industrial computer, touch screen interface, PLC control with real-time temperature profile display; both setting profile and real temperature profile can be displayed

Inbuilt vacuum pump, rotatable 60° in Φ angle, fine-adjusting mounting suction nozzle.

Upper/lower heater with 8 segments of temperature up (down) and 8 segments of constant temperature control, industrial computer can save temperature profiles without limit; can analysis profiles on the touch screen

Suction nozzle can detect mounting height automatically with pressure controllable within 10 grams.

Many sizes of alloy nozzle, easy for replacement; can locate at all angle.

Color optical vision system manually operated.

Equipped with thermocouple port, real-time temperature monitoring and analyzing functions.

3        Technical parameter

Model No: LY-X3

Max. PCB size: L550*W500mm

PCB thickness: 0.5~5mm

BGA size: 1*1~70*70mm

Min ball pitch: 0.15mm

Max. weight of BGA: 150g

Mounting accuracy: ±0.01mm

PCB locating way: Outer

Work table adjustable: forward/backward ±10mm,left/right±10mm

Temperature control way: K-type thermocouple, close loop control

Lower heater: hot air 800W

Upper heater: IR+hot air 1200W

Bottom pre-heating:     IR 3600W

Power: Single phase 220V, 50/60 Hz

Machine size: L850*W750*H630mm

Machine weight: Approx. 80KG


4        Standard Accessories

Standard nozzles: 5pcs (An extra nozzle that is available to auto-take BGA and suitable for desoldering multilayer BGA.  It is at extra cost)

Lower big nozzle: 1pc; small nozzle: 1pc

Allen wrench: 1set

User manual: 1pc

Brush: 1pc

Suction Nozzle: 1pc

Thermocouple: 1pc

Mouse: 1pc

Aluminum plate: 1pc

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