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The mystery of Apple Watch chip

The mystery of Apple Watch chip


Although there are reports that Apple Watch is running iOS8.2, but its performance is equivalent

to iPhone4s and iPad2. A teardown report ABI recently released by Research, A5 chip S1 chip

Apple transformation has been advocated by Apple Watch is likely to use by iPhone4s.


Since last September, Apple released the Apple Watch, the company has been promoting S1 chip

like device is equipped with the same brain. Apple said, Apple will be a complete computer

function integrated in S1 chip, and the chip package is protected in the resin.


IFixit completed the dismantling of Apple Watch, unable to continue on the S1 chip analysis.

Chipworks use X ray on S1 chip are analyzed. Today, ABI Research has finally solved the S1 chip

internal components of the secret.


ABI Research released a new Apple Watch teardown report today, let us first see the internal

circuit board design, chip components of apple table.


Apple Watch


While Chipworks has previously offered an early look at the chip’s internals using x-ray imaging,

the folks over at ABI Research have now taken the Apple Watch’s S1 chip completely apart,

revealing a number of components that have previously not been identified (via MacRumors).

The following photo of the chip’s internals reveals the main processor at the centre carrying

part number APL 0778, with 4 Gb (512 MB) of Elpida SRAM on top, among other components.




The S1 also packs an 8 GB flash storage chip, a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip, an accelerometer / gyroscope from STMicroelectronics

instead of the previously predicted InvenSense, touch controllers from ADI which were also unexpected, and a wireless

charging chip from IDT that facilitates the Apple Watch’s inductive charging.


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