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Detail steps for BGA of the disassembly

Detail steps for BGA of the disassembly


1.The surface of table will need to remove the BGA assembly plate is placed at the BGA rework station.


2.Select the four square hot air nozzle matched with the size of the device, and the hot air nozzle is

arranged on the connecting rod of the heater, and the installation is stable.


3.The hot air nozzle button on the device, attention should be paid to the uniform distance around the

device. If the device around the effects of hot air nozzle operation element should be first removal of

these elements, until the repair is completed and then weld will be in its reset.


4.Choose sorption removing device sucker (nozzle), regulation of absorbing device of vacuum suction

device height, falls to the top surface of the chuck contact device, open switch of the vacuum pump.


5.Set remove the temperature curve, attention must be paid to remove the temperature curve to be

set up according to the specific situation of the device size, PCB thickness, compared to BGA remove

the temperature and the conventional SMD, the setting temperature to 150 DEG C or so.


6.Open the heating power, adjust the amount of hot air.


7.When the solder is completely melted, the device is absorbed by the vacuum suction.


8.Lift up the hot air nozzle, close the vacuum pump switch, and catch the device to be removed.

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