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When industrial signed the guest friends CRM continuously improve customer satisfaction

On July 30, 2014, shenzhen when industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "when industrial")

signed keyou, through the guest friends CRM system, set up information platform, establishing and

maintaining mechanism of continuous improvement, the pursuit to create new products and services,

to meet the needs of different customers.


When industry is China's earliest and largest manufacturers of BGA Rework Station, founded in 2000,

experienced the BGA FCT has grown from fixture dot products to the first localization of

BGA Rework Station line product line to surrounding BGA manufacture, storage, SMT, testing, repair

and regeneration of planar radiation product line and into the BGA kernel in the future 3 d Solution

of the full product line. Relying on excellent quality, reasonable price and considerate service, quickly

open the market and won many well-known enterprises such as asus, samsung, msi, shenzhou, TCL,

philips, 7 up, skyworth, seven, Canon, tongfang, etc.), also make our company in the electronic

manufacturing factory's market share reached 85%. Not only broke the foreign high monopoly

situation, also become the BGA rework stations measure of manufacturing enterprises. We all

BGA rework stations can meet lead-free process, meet the Rohs standards; Materials and accessories

used for the product (including wire), all have a third party (including Europe, America)

quality testing machine.


By introducing the guest friends CRM management system, support of 360 ° view of the customer master

data, including the purchased equipment, service contracts, the interaction of history, in view of the

existing clients or potential clients, to set a customer level classification standard, including the total sales,

the average yearly/quarterly/monthly sales, the enterprise property, assets, potential demand indicators.

System can deal with related business, streamline service process, according to the change of the

company itself and the continuous development of customer base, can adjust the existing customer level

standards. System has realized the customer information, equipment, marketing, sales, etc of routing

management, information management and business has realized the integration with other systems,

effectively integrate the dispersed in the system of original data, facilitate data sharing and unified

management, can effectively coordinate the work between different departments, thus greatly improving

the work efficiency. And may, according to various demand information and sales forecast,

formulate feasible pin


Friends believe that by the guest the implementation of CRM, help when industrial informatization

management, promote continuously improve product functionality, quality continues to improve

quality and timely after-sales service, meet the needs of the user changing and development of the

business, won the recognition and trust of customers.


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