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BGA welding traditional method and new method

BGA welding traditional method and new method


Along with the progress of science and technology, more and more new methods have emerged in the

industrial production. Although there are some new methods of manual operation, the new automatic

or semi-automatic machine operation will replace most of the manual work.


To success of BGA welding, we must first understand its characteristics: BGA IC is belongs to a kind of large

scale integrated circuit, is mainly for the small size of the electronic products development, because of its

tube feet in IC bottom, although can save most of the space but because of its tube feet very intensive.

Therefore, it is very easy to cause the weld. Sealing. The failure rate is high. Here is a detailed introduction

to his welding method:


1. positioning: first remember the IC in the main direction of the direction, in remember its location.

If there is no main version of the IC BGA location we need to put its position on the main page.


2. Remove the BGA Solder: first in BGA IC around Garzon, perfume, slightly thick, if soldering paste need

air gun for BGA IC preheat and soldering paste painted on the IC around soldering paste will have their

own into the bottom of the IC. Then will host fixed, wind temperature gun transferred to 280~~300

degrees air volume in the 4~~6 with big guns head (lookout gun to paper blowing, 2 ~ 3 seconds paste

the for 280 degrees or so) from BGAIC 1.5 centimeters blowing, air gun or stop around IC rotation, do

not hurry, be IC with outflow flux when from time to time with a pair of tweezers light poke, IC activities

and then blowing about 2 seconds with tweezers interlinear IC decisive filed, don't hesitate, action to be

fast. To this, IC BGA removal of the welding.


3. cleaning pads and IC: Iron and then pad light drag, the pads on the tin was towed away, trying to smooth.

Then wash with the agent, the main version, clean, paint; IC with double-sided adhesive on the positioning

board, with iron ball towed away, so that it is flat and smooth. And clean the IC.


4.BGA tin and welding: BGA tin is the most critical one. Beginners can be used to locate version, the IC stick

on it. To find the corresponding steel mesh, the hole will be aligned on the line IC!!. Fixed, and then the tin

paste scraper reprint uniformly scrape, make each hole with the same amount of solder paste, scraping clean

the surface of the steel network, with a pair of tweezers hold two diagonal steel net with air gun to the same

temperature from the steel net 3~~4 cm blowing, at this time also don't be impatient, melt the solder paste

flux to be. Evaporation part will air gun slightly downward, you can see the BGA IC legs began to melt, at

million not can be mobile tweezers, wait until the entire melt and then blowing about 2 seconds to close the

gun. The solder ball after cooling to loosen the tweezers. Tweezers will be sidelined feet down by the IC from

the steel line shedding and the IC feet washed, air gun to blow a Oh, for is to prevent the tube foot

misplacement when tin can automatically reset. After cooling with a brush dipped in detergent to clean the

IC. Welded plate coated with a little flux, the IC to find a good direction, position alignment, blowing in the

same temperature welding, does not use tweezers to tap until it can automatic homing and then blow after

2 seconds to close the gun. After the standby version of the machine to cool.



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