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Mobile phones BGA chip removal and welding

Mobile phones BGA chip removal and welding


BGA chip removal and welding tool


Remove the following tools to prepare the phone BGA chip:

Hot air gun: for removing and welding BGA chip. The best use of the numerical control constant

temperature function of the hot air gun, easy to master the temperature, remove the wind nozzle

directly blow.

Electric iron: tin to clean up the BGA chip and circuit board.

Finger clamp: easy to fix the BGA chip when welding.

Medical needles: when removing the BGA chip set off.

With light amplification: easy to observe the location of the BGA chip.

Mobile maintenance platform: with fixed line plate. Maintenance platform should be grounded.

Anti-static wrist: wear in the hands, to prevent the body of the electrostatic damage to the mobile phone


Small brush, blowing balloons: to remove the impurities around the BGA chip.

Flux: the proposal made in Japan goot card flux selection, a white, the utility model has the advantages of is

fluxing effect is excellent, second is not corrosive to the IC and PCB, three is the boiling point was only slightly

higher than the solder melting point, in welding solder melting soon began boiling heat of vaporization,

keep the temperature of IC and PCB in the temperature. In addition, can also be used such as perfume flux

loose, the effect is also very good.

Absolute alcohol or water: use to clean the circuit board. Use water that day best, days that water of rosin

solder paste has good dissolubility.

Solder: welding with welding.


Planting: BGA chip for the tin tin.


The commercially available plant tin plate can be divided into two categories:


One is to all types of BGAIC are set in a large conjoined plant tin plate; another is each IC board,

the two planting of tinplate was used.



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