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What are the types of OCA?

What are the types of OCA?


What are the types of OCA?
OCA fitting machine types are now very many, the industry is often in order to choose a suitable

OCA fitting machine and waste a lot of valuable time, this article focuses on how to choose a suitable

for their own fit machine and all kinds of fit machine advantages and disadvantages analysis.

OCA laminating machine according to the function to be divided into one machine and a fraction machine;

One machine also said: "five in one machine," "in addition to a bubble machine", the use of built-in vacuum

pump, built-in air compressor, the built-in addition to the bubble machine in a way to integrate the four

functions of the machine inside a machine. One machine design difficulty is more than a fraction of the

increase, the need to have the strength of the manufacturers to do a good job. One machine has the

advantages of easy operation, small footprint, easy to transport, suitable for foreign trade, and the latest

interactive interface with human machine operation is simple, complete fool type operation. With the

development of the whole machine, its performance is improved, but the disadvantage is not without.

For example, the operation may be due to the temperature is too high, resulting in tracheal softening.

TBK laminating machine using ultra high strength heat pipe, making the machine laminating machine service

life has been greatly improved.

Fractional machine: just as the name suggests is a separate machine, the market is the oldest one machine,

when it was just a listing of a large number of supporters and have a great impact on the market, and now

many customers prefer to choose a more advanced machine is a manifestation of the machine, because of

the reputation and influence has been deeply rooted. The advantage of the fractional machine is the

performance of the stability, after all, after so many years of market test. Shortcomings, the work of the

need for collocation vacuum pump, air compressor use, the noise is large, the use of space is not large,

transportation is not convenient, the operation is complex and consumes a long time.


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